About Magpie

Situated on Lower Stuart Street to the east of the Octagon, Morning Magpie has gained a reputation for ridiculously good coffee, food and healthy smoothies. You’ll find all the cold-drip, pour-over favourites that are a must-have for the coffee connoisseur.


After the earthquakes, Troy Butler averted his path from art school in Christchurch to the craft of good coffee in Dunedin and hasn’t looked back since.


Our café is also a proud supporter of the arts, with rotating exhibitions on display, art show openings and other events hosted in the space from time to time too.

Hours could slide by in our friendly, relaxed, well-considered aesthetic of the space; with friends, on a date, with homework, or your favourite book.


Sunny, bright and cosy, a visit to the Magpie is likely to make your day.

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